Senior Administrative Assistant

To land a job as a senior administrative assistant, you need to have a great senior administrative assistant resume. A professionally written resume will give you an added advantage and make you stand out among the crowd when you apply for a job. The job of a senior administrative assistant is a very promising career option that is very gratifying both personally and professionally. This has resulted in high competition amongst applicants who aspire of landing a job in this field. A great senior administrative assistant resume will help you by highlighting your skills and qualities and make you shine amongst the competition, making your resume inviting for recruiting managers.

A senior administrative assistant works for an executive officer or a manager in an office or an organization and may be responsible for a team of administrative assistants who may directly or indirectly report in to him. This professional shoulders the responsibilities of the office that include handling correspondence, working on reports, attending meetings and maintaining minutes of meetings, scheduling appointments, working out travel plans for executives ad well as clients, scheduling meetings etc. A professional has to be keyed in to what is going on in the organization and should be up to date on the current affairs of the organization. He is also required to comfortable working with office equipment and office automation processes and software. He or she is required to deal with emergency situations in the absence of the executive officer and is required to be a part of meetings or may even have to take a decision on behalf of the executive officer and must ensure confidentiality about matters.

While drafting a senior administrative assistant resume, the candidate should ensure that the profile focuses on the key skills and qualities that the job requires.

Your resume should focus on the your past experience as an administrative assistant, the exposure to the functioning of the organization and your expertise in the job. The profile should also focus on the key skills such as good communication, management skills, decision making skills etc.

When drafting a senior administrative assistant resume, the first section of your profile should be your information. This section includes the name, phone number and address.

The next section is objective. Your resume objective must be short and precise and must highlight key skills and should refer to the position you are applying for.

Your next section on the resume format is the work experience section. Here you should focus on your work experience; roles and responsibilities held and also can highlight various accolades and honours received.

The next section on your profile would be the education section. Here you will add your qualifications, degrees, diplomas and trainings.

The next section should be your reference section, you can add the references of your previous employers or you can just add ‘references available on request’.

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This senior administrative assistant resume template highlights the person’s qualifications and expertise in the domain. The template focuses on the candidates career, highlighting the experience that the person holds, giving details about each job held, the academic qualifications along with details like degree and institution as well as skills that are required for a good senior administrative assistant.

The senior administrative assistant sample resume has been drafted by an expert writer and focuses on the skills required for the position. This resume example is sure to give your profile a professional touch and give your career a boost. You can download this sample resume or use this template as a reference while drafting your own resume.

Some Common Formats for Senior Administrative Assistant Sample Resume are given below:

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